DropBox Alternatives for Windows 8 App featuring “All My Storage”

When Windows 8 RTM was released on TechNet, I was so excited to download a copy and quickly installed it on my laptop that I used for my daily operations. Polished it shiny with the new OS, I need to find my usual stuffs that powered my day2 operations. Let’s zoom down to, DropBox.

I did a search in the soon-to-be-popular and populated with applications Windows Store. There I found… “All My Storage

Wooo. Judging from the amount of applications available in the Windows Store, I get 3-4 related to what I want, not that bad right? Target set on…! Get it install…


After installation, I will start configuring the account to grab my files…

My Thoughts – This app may seems very easy to setup, just like the usual style of other Windows App but it is still shortfall of functionality that made things more user-friendly and easy to use. Comparing this with the native DropBox client, I seriously can’t leave without the native client. However, we all know that we are moving into the era towards the cloud. It’s definitely inevitable we have to leave with more apps this way. Unless, someone out there could do better, I am sure there will be.

I will continue to search for more windows app that can power my cloud storage… Stay tuned then…


DropBox Alternatives for Windows 8 App featuring “All My Storage”

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