Welcome ASUS RT-N66U to the Family!

A couple of days ago, I finally decided that I cannot live on with the router that was given when I signed up with my Fiber Optic Internet Package with Singtel. It simply doesn’t meet the requirements that I have and partially I am yearning for performance since I am subscribed to 150Mbps of bandwidth. Getting a better router has been on the top of my head for awhile, or rather months, but I didn’t make that swift move due to some cash-flow reasons where the priority of the router isn’t up on my top 3 ‘must-spend’.

After much reading on all the reviews that are available on HardWareZone (HWZ) forum, I wouldn’t go wrong with this router. Therefore, I decided to compliment ASUS products by writing a few posts to describe the process that I have since day 1. In today post, it will be about the “Setup” of this beautiful monster.

ASUS have designed their firmware to be packed with user-experience that makes setup simple, neat and organized. Let’s see why I said that…

I was wondering, how amazing they have done it. This wizard opens up in my¬†favorite¬†browser the moment I am connected to the router network. Simply amazing! Rather than the usual one where I have to enter “” after launching the browser and have to key in the usual username and password. Amazing welcome page!


It’s awesome that “security” is being focus here. Instead of bringing you round and round in the panel, it just bring your attention to the screen and explain the importance of changing the default password away.


This is the part that once again simplified the life of us consumers especially the Non-IT Savvy folks. By checking the checkbox “Special Requirements from ISP”, I am able to select the profile settings for Singtel Fiber Optic. There are also profile that are built in such as M1 and Singtel MIO.


Enter the hostname and mac address, as shown in the image, it’s optional. Although there is no harm in entering the value but it really depends on individual.


Enter your preferred DNS server, however I always choose to let my Network Terminal to decide what is given by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Step by step with pictorial explanation is really more than what consumer is expecting! I simply love the way how things are made simple!


There goes the connection setup process…


Although at times to times people will meet into error, but neverthelessly it is a good learning experience. The reason why I am getting this error above is because I didn’t select the Singtel profile at the start instead. I was trying to force the router to pull the configuration settings from my ONT (Terminal Box) but since selecting the profile is just one more click away, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to do so to avoid such error.


The best practices that can advise to anyone out there, if you are setting your router for the first time, ALWAYS update to the latest firmware unless you know why you wouldn’t need to do so!

In the next post, I will talk about adding one more companion to the existing network to extend the network speed to my lab server that is located in the room.



Welcome ASUS RT-N66U to the Family!