I seems to love with “66”. Welcome ASUS EA-N66 to the family! :)

After the introduction of the ASUS RT-N66U to the family previously here, I am still not satisfied with the speed that I am getting through the HomePlug that I have been using all along. Just for informational sake, I am using AzTech HomePlug through out of my whole house but due to the way electricity cable is being laid, I can’t seems to get anything more than 20Mbps of speed to my lab server situated in my room.

Therefore, as a technology freak, I went ahead to do some slight research and decided that I should be doing something to further boost the ROI for the hard-earned money that I have been paying to my internet service provider monthly. Therefore, I narrowed down to using Repeater or Access Point, however, there are so many brands available in the market! How?!

Was looking at my RT-N66U box, I saw that there is this product that is compatible or somehow in the marketing term that explains it is designed to best work with the following family line of products. So I saw ASUS EA-N66 which fits my needs.

I like the packaging, it is pretty unique even though it is simple.

I like it when the design team focus a lot on telling the customer how they can make use of their product despite having a small area to work with on the creativity portion.

Some simple un-boxing to show the items within the box. Pretty organized and I love the word “VIP”. šŸ™‚ I will be filling in with some network diagram of how I deployed it within my home and how I fully utilize the power and features of these two monsters!


I seems to love with “66”. Welcome ASUS EA-N66 to the family! :)

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