Combining the use of NFC, Samsung TecTiles and Samsung Galaxy Note II

Since I have gotten the Samsung Galaxy Note II for such a long time (I own it since Day 1) and probably have yet to explore *all* the features that are available. So I came across there was such an existence of Samsung TecTiles in the market and after some studying of it, I realize that it may be good use to me and many others out there.


I subscribed to the Flexi Value plan from Singtel after July 1st last year and I am one of the many that have suffered a fair bit by downgrading from the usual 12GB data package to merely 3GB for me. Moreover, I used the same data package that is allocated to my mobile line and co-shared it with my iPad Mini. So logically, my usage has almost hit the tip almost every month! As such, I decided to only use Wi-Fi as much as possible as I am not the type of person who is willing to folk out a cent more for data usage if I have other means. Call me cheap or stingy but that’s my principle. 🙂 

So having to switch on the Wi-Fi every time I reached home and to turn it off when I am out of the Wi-Fi boundary is a little hassle! If I don’t turn it off when I am out of the range, it will probably and definitely sucked up more battery by searching for any available hotspot! 


  • Continue the hassle of switching it on and off.
  • Samsung TecTiles



So where do I paste the TecTiles?

I actually put it just below my monitor as shown in the image below.

2013-06-04 22.25.18


2013-06-04 22.25.34


I actually placed it here because that’s the most convenient place in my opinion. When I am home, I will hit the room and I can just placed my phone on top of the TecTiles, let it scan the details and my Wi-Fi will be turned on immediately! So simple~

Another place that I placed it is at the cupboard beside my bed, reason being that when I about to sleep, I could just scan against the TecTiles to switch my phone to vibration mode so that there wouldn’t be much disturbance to my sleep. 🙂

I hope you see the value of the Samsung TecTiles as much as I see it.


Embedded this video to show how it actually works for me.

Milton Goh

Combining the use of NFC, Samsung TecTiles and Samsung Galaxy Note II

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