The Weird Setup –> The Weird Problem

Two days ago, I was assigned to one of my client site to do some visiting or introduction and familiarization of the environment as I have embarked onto a new stream of my career path by adding on as a Field Engineer for Microsoft Infrastructure in terms of supportability of high-availability environment.

So just when I entered into the office to meet-up with my co-workers, they informed me that there was an incident that was lodged and need some resolution. So I went on to understand the problem that they are facing. So the story goes…

  • User A logs into the environment based on Microsoft Active Directory and when User A open up the suite of Microsoft Office products, it will de-activate the license of the product on the workstation.
  • User A must always bypass the Product Activation prompt when User A logs onto Microsoft Outlook to check emails.
  • No matter which computer User A uses, it will de-activate the license of the product of Microsoft Office.
  • All workstation licenses is being activated by the internal Key Management Server (KMS).

Seriously, I tried storming through the Search Engine to find if this was a known problem or just an environment-specified issue and was pretty pleased because it seems like we are the sole-ranger facing such issue. Until now, I still can’t figure out how an Active Directory User Account could go about de-activating product licenses.

Resolution Plan / Workaround

So after much discussion between the other Engineers on site, we deemed it as a one-off issue and proceed with backup and recovery process where we salvage the User Exchange account by doing the PST export then to go ahead with the deletion of the account and re-create it again.

In the end, it works fine and now User A could live with lesser clicks when launching any Microsoft Office suite of products.

Milton Goh

The Weird Setup –> The Weird Problem

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