Introducing New Category – “Productivity”

It has been awhile since I have been thinking of writing articles, posts or sharing information about “Productivity”. Productivity is a word that is often being used more than just a word. I would consider “Productivity” as the mechanism to measure the performance of the employees in an organization.

Productivity can also measure the Profits & Loss of an organization regardless whether the organization main line of business is by project-based.

I wouldn’t set a hard limit to the number of post that will end up with this tags or plan out the number of posts that will goes with this series because “Productivity” is simply too broad!

So what is the main objective of this in this blog and in the context of what I do day/night?

I am going to share with you all on how you can make use of Microsoft Technologies to boost the productivity of your organization in terms of Collaboration and Cost-Savings.

Stay tuned!

Introducing New Category – “Productivity”

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