The “Ergonomics” Mouse by Microsoft

Days ago, I went to the local IT mall to do my usual routine window-shopping but with the intention of getting a new pack of printer cartridge! So while strolling, I chance upon this Microsoft Mouse that caught my attention!

Sculpt Ergonomics Mouse

Why the word “Ergonomics” caught my eye? It’s because I work in the IT field and I am bounded to my computer at least 8-10 hours a day which means that I used the mouse very often! Other than spending hours in office, I also accompanied my computer and lab server at home so it make sense that I have the usual pain at the usual spots such as the wrist or lower back.

So recently, what sparks me was to spend a little more on technology that helps to keep my body in shape, or rather healthy. Trying to tackle the wrist-pain first, I grab this little mouse (in actual fact, it is pretty huge compared to the Sculpt Touch Mouse that I already own and using) and took it home for a little experiment.

2013-10-04 00.00.50

I could say that the packaging for this mouse is really done up well! It gives people a very classy feel such as unveiling a little gem out of the usual wooden box. (Just that this is not made of wood and definitely it is a gem in it!)

2013-10-04 00.01.09

The usual wording that probably not many people would bother reading (at least for me). I am a very graphical person, I depends on the graphics such as the “Receiver” as shown. That would easily tell me, this mouse doesn’t have Bluetooth included therefore the usual Receiver need to be used and therefore one USB port will be used up.

2013-10-04 00.01.51

Tadah! That’s the little (huge) gem! One thing that caught me is that I couldn’t find the “Receiver” initially! I went searching through the box until…

I finally open up the bottom casing as shown below.

2013-10-04 00.03.59

After using it for a couple of days, here is my take.

Comfort (The whole “holding” and using process) – 9.0 – Because it is really huge. My palm comfortably sits onto the mouse.

Look (The ecstatic, looks and feel) – 9.0 – Because it gives me a very style feeling! The curve of the mouse makes it a very sleek look.

Innovation – 9.5 – I really like the way the receiver is being kept and secured!

There is only one thing that I hate about, it is the size of the receiver! Take a look below.

2013-10-04 00.08.00

Compare the one from Logitech which is on the left and the Microsoft one on the right… Open-mouthed smile


The “Ergonomics” Mouse by Microsoft

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