Introducing Intel NUC into the Home Lab Family!

Just yesterday (after some series of incidents), I decided to pop by Sim Lim Square (Singapore Largest IT Retailers) to take a look at other alternatives of computers that can be added into my lab server family. So while doing window shopping, it allow me to chance upon this store that still have the i3 version of the NUC as shown below.

2013-11-26 17.58.45

2013-11-26 17.58.55

One thing I find this packaging really unique is that, the music that plays when I open the box! The sensor is located at the bottom right hand corner of the box in the image below.

2013-11-26 17.59.24

So what’s come with in the package?

Here is the listing,-

  1. The NUC set
  2. Instruction Manual
  3. Back-cover Disk Plate (For mounting to the back of the monitor)
  4. Power Adapter (without the cable head)

2013-11-26 18.06.12

How do you compare that with Gigabyte Brix?

I have the luxury to have a Gigabyte Brix put side by side along with the Intel NUC for comparison purposes.

2013-11-26 18.07.05

2013-11-26 18.07.35-2

2013-11-26 18.07.48

Some of the obvious differences,-

  1. The Intel NUC is much more thicker (or taller) than the Gigabyte Brix
  2. The Intel NUC only have one USB port at the bottom while Gigabyte Brix have two in-front along with the earphone jack. (This may be useful for home-PC usage)
  3. Intel NUC gives me a feeling it is much robust, but that doesn’t mean the Gigabyte Brix is not robust. (After all it is just the looks that gave out the thoughts!)

I am going to do the installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 and add this Intel NUC as one of the Hyper-V Server into the farm and will comment more on the performance as a low-cost, low-power usage and small factored computer.

Milton Goh

Introducing Intel NUC into the Home Lab Family!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Intel NUC into the Home Lab Family!

  1. BBWI says:

    You have not posted on how well the NUC works with Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V? Would you give a short review as to if you would buy the NUC again or go a different route?


  2. Rush says:

    I’ve been looking at installing Windows Server 2012 on a NUC with an SSD drive inside for situations where I need a quick replacement server. I’ve been told by some folks that Windows Server 2012 R2 won’t run on a NUC?


    1. Milton Goh says:

      It’s running all along for me since Windows Server 2012 R2 was released. My latest installation is Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 therefore I am sure it works! 🙂



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