The Importance of After-Sales Support

Recently, I made some revamp to my home lab hardware inventory. Some of the significant changes that I have made is,-

  1. Sold away my Tower Desktop (which consume way too much electricity at home since I usually do not shut down my lab environment due to the need to access during my working hour)
  2. Added 2 Intel NUC into my home lab

So let’s me explain a little of what I have encountered during the purchased of my Intel NUC. I bought my first Intel NUC (DC3271IYE) and later on my second Intel NUC (D34010WYK). Both set I have made my purchase from this local retailer over at Sim Lim Square – Video Pro.

The very first set of Intel NUC is purchased solely just the set itself and do not have much problem with the memory I bought from NewEgg. So knowing that sales purchase are pretty smooth with Video Pro, I decided that I should invest into the store again for my second NUC. So I happily went to the store and made my purchase, this time round with 2 X 8GB of matching RAM.

During the purchase, I indicated that I needed RAM for my NUC and the lady that was serving me gave me 2 x 8GB with the speed of 1333Mhz. Didn’t know that for the 2nd generation of the Intel NUC would only run well on 1600Mhz. I couldn’t be bothered so I made the purchase. At the point of time, each piece of 8GB RAM cost SGD 95.

So the next day, I start to meddle with all the newly purchased gadget, then I am stuck with the error where the LED blink, so a simple search online leads me to this link. The link simply says that, count the number of blinks it appears before it pause for a second or two before it starts again. So it just simply says the following,-

17-12-2013 3-59-12 PM

So the following day, I immediately brought the set to the same store hoping that they could do something for me on the spot. So the conversation starts here… The folks involve in this conversation are as followed,-

Me – Obviously, I should be the main lead actor here.
Technical Folk (TF) – The guy who is the guru in the sales of hardware
Sales Folk (SF) – The lady that sold me the hardware

Me: Hi, I made a purchase of this set from you all and it is not working. I am suspecting it is the memory that is causing the fault, can you kindly help me check?

**Action** – TF took the memory case and saw it was 1333Mhz, turned over and told SF, “you should not sell 1333Mhz for the NUC in future, only sell 1600Mhz.”

So TF start to dismantle my NUC because the RAM is still inside while SF took a new pair of RAM over. Now here come the most classical moment.

SF: Excuse me, since there is a price increment for the RAM from the day you purchased, you are required to pay additional SGD 4 per piece which made up to a total of SGD 8 top-up.

Me: Excuse me, you gave me a pair of RAM that doesn’t work and you expect me to top-up?

SF: It’s because there is a price increment.

At this moment, I was very reluctant because I felt cheated. In the first place, I wasn’t given something that didn’t work due to her negligence in ensuring that she asked her co-workers which frequency of RAM to be issued. She should at the very least asked me if the RAM is for the NUC and not purely assuming IT IS NOT.

I took out a piece of 10 dollar note and wanted to settle it by giving way but I decided that I shouldn’t be doing that. SGD 99 for a piece of RAM is not expensive since I have paid SGD 95 previously but it is the principles that I am going against. So I told her, “removed the RAM, I am refunding it.”

I took the refunded cash and went into another store to purchased a pair of RAM at SGD 98 each. This save me SGD 2! Two dollars out of the intended Eight dollars, I saved 25%!


What I am driving at is… This is the second NUC that I have purchased from the same place and I can definitely assure that this relationship will not stop here. I wouldn’t be stopping at just two NUC because looking at how low-powered it is and it’s small form factor, it is really a good home lab server.

What’s the harm of giving SGD 8 discount for the RAM knowing that I may be the prospective client that come back for another NUC or other hardware peripherals? The Intel NUC cost SGD 429 and SGD 8 is just 1.8%. I feel that it is a stupid move.

Let’s hope that the owner of Video Pro would wake up to the senses that his/her employee are doing such thing that may or may not directly or indirectly harm the sales in future.

Milton Goh

The Importance of After-Sales Support

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