Closing the chapter: My thoughts on year 2013

We are coming to an end of Year 2013 and all are ready to welcome Year 2014. Today I am going to do something new for this blog ( which I believe most of the bloggers are already doing it. I am going to write about how Year 2013 and what I hope to achieve it Year 2014.

Let’s look back at Year 2013, a hectic year for sure.

January 2013

  • Attended F5 iRules Training – Although this is really an intermediate class for professional who have prior experience in F5 appliances, I still think I did pretty well and therefore have learnt some bits and pieces from the instructor.
  • Started my first paid classes to polished up my Windows Server 2008 R2 skills at New Horizons – Although this didn’t turned out to be a positive matter because the way how the program is being structured, it’s terrible! Wouldn’t believe “Mentored-Learning” anymore. I still prefer the classroom way of mentor lecturing in the classroom which will be filled with real-world experiences.
  • Achieved my first MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) in Private Cloud.

March 2013

  • Attended ITIL Foundation v3 training proudly sponsored by my company, Dimension Data (Singapore) and attained my certification.

July 2013

  • Got promoted! *Hooray* Thanks to my boss at Dimesion Data (Singapore).
  • Helped out at the very first PowerShell Saturday Singapore thanks to Matthew Hitchcock (PowerShell MVP).

August 2013

  • Achieved my MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) in SharePoint 2010 Administration – my MCTS SharePoint 2010, Configuring got a little rusty and this certificate comes in handy like finally.

November 2013

  • Got nominated and awarded as an Incredible Member in my organization for the year. *hooray* – Thanks to the anonymous person who think highly of me. (Probably there is only one).
  • Completed my last four papers for my Bachelor Degree.

December 2013

  • Got my results for my Bachelor Degree and yes, I finally completed my three-years long course. Smile
  • Applied and attained my MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) certification.

That’s just some of the high-level items that really worth noting down and some of the technologies that I have played with and meddled with or rather got my hands really dirtied with…

  • Service-Now
  • SharePoint 2013
  • Windows Server 2012
  • PowerShell
  • Cisco Technologies – Digital Media Player
  • VMWare ESXi Hypervisor – Including vMotion

These are really the focus for the year.

Outlook for Year 2014

Here I will try to list down some of the items that I am going to aim for and hopefully to achieved them within the new 365 days.

  • Join the Winter Scripting Games 2014 – January 2014 – These will be a 4 weeks long program. This is my first time joining so hope to learn more about PowerShell out of this.
  • Speak at PowerShell Saturday Singapore 003 – February 2014 – Have sent my sessions details over and hopefully everything will go smooth.
  • Committed to PowerShell User Group Singapore – Will be helping Matthew Hitchcock out to promote PowerShell to all the Singapore IT Pros. Hopefully they will see the light as we did.
  • Attain the MCSA – Office 365 certification
  • Share my knowledge with the community since a huge part of knowledge is derived from the community.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all! Smile

Milton Goh

Closing the chapter: My thoughts on year 2013

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