Unboxing the NetGear ProSafe FVS318G

It’s has been a while since I bought this device from Amazon and it has been shove on my table for awhile because I was really held up with some work. So on this day, first day of year 2014, I am opening it up and start to meddle with it and Windows Azure.

Let’s kick start with some visual images of what is in the box.

2013-12-20 23.23.28 

2013-12-20 23.23.40

Comments: To me, this box is really very decently designed. Just my 2 cents.

So what’s inside the box?

2014-01-01 11.30.01

2014-01-01 11.30.08

By the way, I will not be posting how I can going to setup this VPN to Windows Azure because there are others folks like Matthew Hitchcock and Bhargav Shukla which have done a good job at describing their experience. Without them, I wouldn’t be hook out with this NetGear VPN. This means that I have way more to learn from them.

I will be blogging more on how I actually use this VPN device to hook up with my on-premises to extensively demonstrate the features between Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Cheers. Happy New Year!

Milton Goh

Unboxing the NetGear ProSafe FVS318G

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