Is free WiFi a good idea?

I just came back from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) this morning in which I spent a good four full days over there on a leisure trip. This is the second time that I am visiting this beautiful city and I am really happy with the experience I had there.

If there is one thing that I would like to comment about this developing country, it will be how incredible they are in enabling most restaurant / cafe / roadside stall to provide Free Wireless Internet Connection to all patronage. Amazing isn’t it? For the whole of last year, I have visited Bandung (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and it is really amazing that I actually do not need to subscribe to the Data Roaming plan with my local telecommunication provider. (This really saves me approximately SGD15 – 20 a day!)

So why is Free WiFi good?

Imagine that while walking down the street during my leisure trip, I definitely patronize Cafe or Restaurant to fill my stomach with the local delights. Then at this time, it would be good to have Internet Connectivity to catch up with my friends on various social medias or simply to check my emails (office and/or personal).

When I am travelling, we try our very best to avoid taking the taxi even though taxi isn’t expensive at all. We love to enjoy the scenery that we can see with our bare eyes when we are walking from district to district (yes, I am sure, district!). So there are times when we really need the internet badly because some phone that doesn’t have the full GPS module or is based on A-GPS (Assisted GPS), we will be best to have internet to download the maps or to get our coordinates properly.

So what is the disadvantage over convenient?

Have any one wonder about the security over free WiFi? If it doesn’t bother you, carry on with whatever you do, if it does, be careful of what you do over the free WiFi!

Are you one that…

  1. Access personal information such as Internet Banking information over Free WiFi?
  2. Access secured information such that would expose your personal password (which may leads to losing of confidential information?)

Then probably you will need to be prudent of what you do using the free WiFi.

Milton Goh

Is free WiFi a good idea?

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