My Revamped Command Post @ Home Office

It has been a long time since I wanted to use my new polished Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as my only computer for my day work and other purposes after office hours. However, the problem lies with the ability to connect two of my monitors to my Surface because it comes with just one Mini DisplayPort. So all along I have been stuck with using my Lenovo T420 that I bought in year 2011 primarily for my University usage. It has a good specifications but I realized that although the RAM and Hard Disk is never a problem, it felts a little sluggish for the CPU. It just seems to take slightly longer to process stuffs now.

I have been wanting to get the a docking station so that I can hook up more stuffs (USB etc) to my Surface but the one docking station from Microsoft itself is really expensive! With a price tag of USD 199, I simply could not put myself into buying it! One disadvantage of that docking station is that, even if extends more USB ports but I am still limited to extending one monitor only. So while posting over on Twitter, Todd Klindt (@toddklindt) recommended me the one he used for his Surface. He recommended to me Plugable UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station. The price tag for this is USD 119, which is relative fair. I could simply order it from Amazon but the constraints is…

  1. For this item, Amazon does not support shipping directly back to Singapore. Therefore I will be stuck with using vPOST (which provides me with a US address and have it shipped back from vPOST all the way to Singapore).
  2. Lesson learnt from my last purchase of hardware from US through comGateway the last time have spank me to think – Once bitten, twice shy. Refer to post here.

So I took some time to do more research on whether there will be any docking station available for purchase off the shelf in Singapore but to no avail. Then on one fine day, I got to check out this post from Paul Mah (@paulmah) where he wrote a review on the docking station from Targus that he was provided to write the post. I drop him a tweet to check with him on whether where I could grab one of the docking station which he had used before. He was kind enough to have given me the set that he has as it has been lying around in his new home for a long time. So credits goes to him for enabling my Surface Pro 2 to be connected to two of my monitors. See photo below with my new command post.

2014-01-29 23.55.08

Look at the docking station in action:

2014-01-30 21.42.58

I personally think that the Microsoft Surface adoption rate is very slow in Singapore because I don’t see lots of people using that as their preferred tablet. However, I believe more and more people would start to buy the idea of using a Surface for their work/study if Microsoft is willing to bring in Surface Pro 2 into the Singapore market.

Milton Goh

My Revamped Command Post @ Home Office

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