[Gadget]–Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

I realize that I have been getting lots of different mouse and keyboard since year 2013. So just a couple of days ago, I went to grab one keyboard from our local computer store, Challenger. The latest addition is the Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard that has Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

One thing that spunk my head recently is that, why isn’t there more devices that are manufactured or design to have Bluetooth connectivity installed? Devices nowadays are getting smaller and comes usually with one or two USB port. My previous work laptop (Dell XPS 13) comes with two USB port but only one that is on-board mounted to the mainboard. The other one are just external one that is connected to the power source of the mainboard. Therefore one of the problem that I faced with my Dell XPS 13 is that I couldn’t use the one that is not connected directly to the mainboard to power up my portable hard disk else I will be getting some USB malfunction issues.


I rather fall in love with the packaging of Microsoft products this days as it really improved a lot.

2014-01-29 23.40.37

Form Factor

I rather like the form factor of the Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard, the keyword “mobile” simply just explained all. It just meant that any devices such as iOS or Android Tablet could use this as long as there is Bluetooth capability. It also comes with a cover so that to protect the keyboard when travelling especially when placed in the bag with other items.

2014-01-29 23.43.18

How does it compete with the Surface Type Cover 2 that I have and is already using with my Surface Pro 2 currently? In terms of the size, the Wedge Mobile keyboard is about the same with my Type Cover 2, just that we should not be counting the touch pad area that is part of the Type Cover 2.

2014-01-29 23.45.00

The Wedge Mobile keyboard is thicker compared to the Type Cover 2 because of the ability / need to be able to plug in 2 x AA batteries. However, that compartment that is used for the batteries is a good place used for holding the keyboard up so that the keyboard do not lie flat.

2014-01-29 23.42.00


It is a really good keyboard in terms of mobile usage. However, in terms of Ergonomics, of course it cannot fight with the other version that Microsoft has. Do checkout other series from Microsoft here.

For the comfort of carrying it around, I would give this keyboard 9/10. The 1 point that I have deducted is the keys are rather small for some, not all.

[Gadget]–Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

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