PowerShell Saturday #008–Singapore

It’s really a pleasure to be able to present my first session for PowerShell Saturday and working along with the team at Singapore PowerShell User Group (Matthew and Benjamin). However, due to last minute work commitment, I couldn’t present my session physically over at Microsoft Singapore office. In the end, I presented my session over at my client site via Lync.

I am really happy with the session presented, I would say that this time round, I am trying to target at some of the business users and also at a handful of technical folks to get them to accept and adopt the idea of using PowerShell to extensively improve their productivity and efficiency for their day-to-day operations. For more information, please see my slidedeck below.

PowerShell Saturday #008–Singapore

[Gadget] Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Disk

During lunch time yesterday, I pop by Challenger at Plaza Singapura hoping to grab a new portable hard disk for work purposes due and other miscellaneous. I was pondering between whether to grab a thumb drive which is huge (something around the 64GB capacity range) but was worried about the speed I am getting for reading and writing of data to and fro the thumb drive. Later on, I further decided that I should go for a portable hard disk is because with the extract disk space, I could probably store some VHDs (Virtual Hard Disk) that is used for my Hyper-V instance on my Surface Pro 2. I was thinking that since I would need to lug around the portable hard drive, so why not just get one that is huge enough for my day-to-day needs. Moreover, a portable hard disk nowadays comes with USB 3.0 which gives me superb transmitting speed!

Seagate or Western Digital?

This is always the question to be, I have never ever consider any other brand other than Seagate and Western Digital unless it is the price factor that I am going for which Samsung or Hitachi may then hit the right spot for consideration. So I have been using my Western Digital MyPassport for a longest while (around 2 years) and it is still going strong! However, due to the amount of space I have on my Surface Pro 2 now, I usually dump huge files that I would regular used only when I am home to the portable hard drive that is connected to my Surface Pro 2 via the docking station.

I believe in the durability that Western Digital provides but Seagate seems to be getting better these days. I used to have one of the Seagate portable drive but ended up donating to one of the project in my company which I couldn’t be bothered to go all way to activate all the resources just to get back my portable drive which seems to have helped the customer eases a lot of their problem as they are using that drive mainly to archive the server logs.

So it boils down to the preference of the individual right now in choosing the ideal brand.

So the pricing does plays a part?

Yes, I would say pricing does play a part. You could simply get a portable hard drive from any brands with a good 2TB of space for less than $150, but definitely brands like Western Digital or Seagate would not be in the radar. The price of the Western Digital MyPassport is not very far fetched from the Seagate Backup Plus, the differences is just SGD 20.

Final Verdicts

In the end, I chose Seagate Backup Plus instead because the Western Digital MyPassport is rather similar to the same as the one that I have at home and I do not really like to get duplicates because I simply love to enjoy the best of the both world. The Seagate Backup Plus offers more colour choices and the finishing of the texture seems better compared to the Western Digital MyPassport.

2014-02-13 09.38.04

2014-02-13 09.38.18

2014-02-13 09.38.34

Let’s compare side by side!

So let’s see how it looks like if I put the two hard disk side by side each other.

2014-02-13 09.40.18

2014-02-13 09.40.33

I would love to owe one of the slim type of each brands but the capacity of those are hovering around 500GB which makes no sense to me in terms of economical and portability since it doesn’t differ much from its parent version.

Milton Goh

[Gadget] Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Disk

For the month of February, .SG ccTLD is going cheap!

Every year in during the Lunar New Year period, Singapore domain registrar would gather together and throw in offers that entice people to grab those promotional items. For this year, the various registrar is promoting .SG ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) at a good whopping price of SGD 8.00 (different registrar have different pricing model, depending on which is your preferred domain registrar).

Personally, I have been with Webvisions for the longest while since the days after I toggle between SingTel Internet Exchange (STiX) and PacNet, my final data centre that I have my servers co-located the longest was with Webvisions. So from then, I realized that since Webvisions have pretty good service and therefore for convenience sake, I registered for .SG domains from them.

In the past, I am into getting (.com.sg) for my domain due to the nature that it is meant for business usage. Then when .SG domain was released, it seems much more hassle-free to type 4 characters less! Therefore, my love for .SG domain reignited. Although I would love to have most of my domain names to be using (.com) because it is one of the most common domain name available but since I am starting small, I would love that local presence too. It pains me to register for (.sg) domain because of the high price I am paying for. (Approximately SGD 50 a year, comparing to less than SGD 14 a year if I have chosen .com / .net)

Hereby, I urge people (preferably if your audience are people in Singapore) to not let this offer run by! If you have any ideas in mind and wish to unleash it online, do it right away! Grab a .SG domain name at just SGD 8.00 for the first year! Let your idea nurture and then decide if your first year turnover make sense for you to pay for the 2nd year renewal (of course at a much higher rate).

Check out Webvisions promotion now! – http://www.webvisions.com/

Check out the participating registrar here – http://www.nic.net.sg/news/chinese-new-year-hongbao-promotion-1

Milton Goh

For the month of February, .SG ccTLD is going cheap!