Goodbye MCT, Welcome MCT Alumni!


As per the image attached above, it is clear that I am leaving the MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) zone when the time is up sometime end of April or May depends on when the MCT registered.

So it’s just last week when I received an email from Microsoft Learning that it’s the time of the year where MCT have to do the necessary justifications to get renewed in the MCT programme. So sometimes last year, Microsoft has already make the rules clear that all MCT who wants to be able to renew needs to go through the measurement mechanism done up by MTM. For those who don’t know what MTM stands for, it stands for Metrics that Matter. To me, the interpretation is, “Hey, let’s look at your KPI (Key-Performance Index) for the previous year before we decide to offer you with a new year of contract.

So let’s go back to the image that I have attached above. It says clearly that my MCT Exception Request has been Rejected. So it is so obvious that, that this is something out of the norm kind of arrangement. So what Microsoft Learning did was to provide a favour to every yet-to-expired MCT a chance to raise an appeal to see if we can convince them that we deserve another year of holding the honorary title “MCT”. So what they offered me was an Excel template in which I have to filled up the necessary details of the class that I have taught for year 2013 and send it back to them for the review.

My situation is kind of special, we do customize solutions on SharePoint Server and deliver to the end-user some awesome nice website that is hosted on SharePoint Server platform. The only thing that we needs to teach the users is the features of SharePoint Server and on how to use the SharePoint portal to get things done such as modifying the contents all by themselves without our intervention. It is the same concept as Content Management System (CMS). So how do all these get linked up with being a MCT?

  • I look through the courseware that is provided to MCT which is known as the Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC). From there, I will then make use of the content provided for SharePoint Server. Make use of the content and deliver my customized training to the end-users.
  • I make use of the courseware to teach the internal employees or rather the Operations Team on how they can administrate the SharePoint Server on a day-to-day basis. (SharePoint is not something that a normal person could navigate to get things done without breaking it! – IMHO)

So whatever that I have been doing for the past one year with or without the title “MCT” is not being recognized just because I couldn’t be getting my end-user to perform the survey so that they could provide me a grade so that I could be in favour of what is needed to meet the requirements as a MCT for the following year. The revised requirements in order to be awarded the chance to renew as a MCT is also shown in the image attached above.

I am not holding any grudges against Microsoft Learning for this because I know they must have done this so that to shape the program nicely and to meet a simple objective of not wanting people to abuse the programme as the new programme does gives out access to Software that MCT could use it for their training and learning purposes. They must have seen it through that people would have make use of the programme so that they would not need to fork out a huge amount of money to get the equivalent set of program that is provided by MSDN which they could get it through being a MCT.

Well, bid farewell, MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)!

Welcome to the MCT Alumni zone! So what’s MCT Alumni all about?


So it is as simple as the following benefits…

  • Continue to speak to all MCT within the community.
  • Get discount on e-Learning, Books and eBooks.
  • Most importantly, received discount on Exam voucher.

After all, it is not that bad right? Are you affected by this change? If yes, share with me by dropping me a comment or drop me an email to vent your anger.

Milton Goh

Goodbye MCT, Welcome MCT Alumni!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye MCT, Welcome MCT Alumni!

  1. Shishir Garde says:

    Do MCT Alumni get the same 50% exam discount as well? It would be wonderful if thats the case and I might register … Otherwise i was thinking of dropping the whole thing


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