It’s a sign of worries.

When I was trying to sign into my Internet Banking account with DBS Bank (Singapore) this evening, I am being hit with sudden slowness of the web page. This isn’t a norm to be because Internet Banking website usually load like lightning speed for me. Then next I was given this message as shown.


It kept me worrying what has happened because I have already entered my credentials! Therefore, my work senses suddenly got activated and out of the norm (which I admit I seldom even bother to do so), I went to check the SSL certificate information that is being used on the following site as shown.


This tab gives me some assurance that things are moving in the right direction. Then the next one boost me to the maximum too.


I think it is part and parcel of my job to ensure that I am protected against any Cyber Thief or Cyber Attack.

How important is Security to you? Share with us below!

Milton Goh

It’s a sign of worries.

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