Aztech! You may have been compromised…

Today, I received the following in my mailbox and I seriously want to share with you all.

2014-04-29 18.27.23

2014-04-29 18.27.42

So what do you notice in this email? This may have one of the nice presentation that would usually capture the eyes of people receiving it in the mailbox. What actually caught my eyes are the following few points.

  1. I am sensitive when I see the word “Ukranian” – I have not done any business with such folks or neither I know any one from Ukraine. However, I welcome visitors from Ukraine to read my blog and share their comments.
  2. The content is simply not something that would interests me. I am an IT person who have IT news revolving around me almost every minutes (OK, exaggerating, I do read up on Business or Social news from time to time.)
  3. If it meant big business or something of some sort that surround the word “BitCoin”, then probably it should have enough money to register for a simple domain and hosting package to get a proper email instead of relying on Gmail. Of course, you can get custom domain on Gmail or definitely I would recommend Office 365.
  4. It possesses number that is out of my range of country code that I have ever dial for the past of my life with ever me knowing anything about using my phone to dial overseas. (I didn’t born to know how to dial the keypad, stupid?)
  5. It trying to impersonate as Aztech with all the information with information probably gotten with anyone receiving newsletter from Aztech. From time to time, I do get advertisement from Aztech promoting their new range of products but definitely never ever once I received in this purple background colour.
  6. It’s getting me to dial to Ukraine when user like me who is in Singapore would definitely be dialling the Singapore line since I resides here.

2014-04-29 18.27.52

Lastly, I see the email is really the one that probably was the one that is used to blast out this newsletter. I have not done any checks on how legitimate this email is but definitely from the outlook, I wouldn’t even bother studying it further as it is just that obvious!


So… I conclude that this may be the case where Aztech mailing list database was being compromised and therefore I received such message.

To Aztech (IT Support): Please get your act on on this issue!

To my friends out there: If you ever received such email as per similar to mine, do nothing about it and delete it straight away. Of course, you could spend some time admiring the nice bunny!

Milton Goh

Aztech! You may have been compromised…

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