Feedback/Suggestions for Microsoft Surface Power Adapter

It has been almost seven months since I bought my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and have always been a happy user. However, there are a few issues I have found with the Surface and I am going to detail out some of them from now onwards. Definitely, I hope this would bring improvement back to Microsoft so that they can take consumer feedback back to the team to see if this could be possibly fulfilled in future releases.

2014-04-30 23.11.17

2014-04-30 23.11.43

From the picture above, you can see that the rubber is tear from my AC cable. The AC cable is one that is used to plug into the power source on one head and on the other end it is connected to the adapter.

I notice that it got tore a couple of months ago after rigorous usage of my Surface Pro 2. Since the day I made my purchase, I have used my Surface Pro 2 as the replacement laptop for my work and/or personal usage. So I realized that it got tore of especially when I do not unplug the AC cable from the adapter before tidying up the cable and kept into a pouch.

I never had such experience before for my previous laptop (Dell XPS 13, HP Elitebook and Lenovo X220) so I find it rather weird.

So hereby, I am putting through this suggestions to Microsoft.

  1. Change the head of the end for the AC cable so that it does not break so easily.
  2. Increase the length of the cable (especially the AC cable section) – Reason being is that, since the adapter has an USB port which has always been very handy for me. I would love the adapter to be near me especially when the power socket is further from where my laptop is situated most of the time. I have always use the USB port to plug my cable to charge my mobile phone. This save me the hassle to bring one more adapter head along and also charge faster this way (comparing to charging using USB port on my Surface Pro 2).

Milton Goh

Feedback/Suggestions for Microsoft Surface Power Adapter

2 thoughts on “Feedback/Suggestions for Microsoft Surface Power Adapter

  1. jwg63 says:

    You may know this already, but it’s a standard IEC C7 non-polarized connector power cable. You should be able to use any C7 cable that’s rated for the necessary voltage and current (look at the small print on the head of the existing cable to see the voltage and current rating). I’ve often gone the other way, replacing long manufacturer laptop cables with short ones to make travel easier. There are a wide range of lengths available (3′, 6′, 10′, etc.).


    1. Milton Goh says:

      Hi jwg63,

      Yes, I do aware that I could find the replacement cable easily. Well, the reason why I would love to have one that is long is because I have been running around to various client sites including data center and found that there are a huge problem when the power socket is situated far away from where I was asked to sit. Therefore, at certain times, I would either have to give up the comfort level to sit in an odd position so that I could have direct juice to my Surface.

      Milton Goh


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