First Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Glacier

Awhile back, I was looking for a solution where I can continuously archive a substantiate set of Surveillance media so that it can be offset from my local Network-Attached Storage (NAS) as the media file a day could get as large as 15-20GB depending on the amount of activities.

Here is the quick glance of the various services offered by Amazon AWS.


Next, I will go to Amazon Glacier. This is the dashboard of Amazon Glacier if you have not used it before.


Amazon Glacier named each “Container” as “Vault” so each user could have multiple Vault to separate the different purposes. Perhaps in another way would be, each vault is for different project or different level of usage in the application so that to segregate the access to the files.

The next important thing to me whenever I utilize “Cloud” services would be the region I am able to select because, Speed matters to me the MOST.


I would love to have my files placed as close to me in Singapore but I guess Amazon still do not see the value or demand of this service here. Therefore, I went ahead with Tokyo as my next preferred location.


Create a new vault is really easy, no complex fuss about it at all. Just key in the name of the vault and you are good to go!


So you like notifications when your automated jobs run at weeps hours and notify you when it is completed so that you can have a sound sleep and waking up to reading “Success”. (Really sounds like an Ops Guy at work yeah?)

Somehow this notification thingy is related to the other service that Amazon has to offer. I would not be diving in into too much of it yet as my whole intention was to find a low-cost storage that can be offloaded from my local environment where I can quickly find and grab files as and when needed. For more information, click here.


Newly created vault will appear in this Dashboard where it will list down all the Vault(s) available. What is important in this dashboard is,-

  1. Size – the amount you utilized and you be charged the following month (because Amazon AWS charged based on your utilization)
  2. # of Archives – is the number of Archive important to you? Yes, it is important to me because I am kind of meticulous about this. What if the media file that I need the most is missing, it should at least tally with the amount of files uploaded etc..


The setup is all done up, the vault is being created and ready to be utilize. Here is the various ways to access the Vault to Store/View/Grab/Update files on it.


Milton Goh

First Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Glacier

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