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Milton Goh works in a global workspace resource scheduling as a Technical Presales Consultant at Condeco. He is a technology-driven person where every day he daydreams about solutions that he would like to put his hands on to be able to contribute as part of advocating and amplifying the #TechForGood community.

He enjoys speaking to prospects, customers, and people, which he is why he enjoys being a consultant and also getting involved in the community.

Milton was awarded the Microsoft MVP recognition award in 2015 with his vast contributions in the Cloud and Datacentre Management category with his strong passion in the PowerShell scripting language. He is a firm believer in contributing to the community, as that's where he gained most of his knowledge.

Milton is claimed to be "loving gadgets to the moon and back" by his beloved partner, and therefore sometimes it is toxic to be by his side and not feeling surprise that a new gadget has arrived. He will inevitably use his soft skill to outspeak his partner in accepting previous generation gadgets. Therefore, if you do have any cool gadgets that need a review, please reach out to him. :)

Ways to reach Milton.