Enable Site Mailbox in SharePoint Online

One of the feature that will entice organization who have chose to use Office 365 to support their intranet usage is Site Mailbox for Team.

Read the official note from Microsoft on the description of Site Mailbox – here. So I am going to walk through how I enable “Site Mailbox” on my Office 365 account.

  • As a Site Collection Administrator, go to “Site Settings” as shown.


  • Under [Site Actions], select [Manage site features]


  • Find the feature [Site Mailbox] and click “Activate” to activate the feature for usage.


  • Notice that the highlighted portion will appear at the Team Site left navigation area. Click on the “Mailbox” and activate the “Site Mailbox”.


  • This message is soothing, at least to my eyes…


  • Site Mailbox created successfully! Hurray!


  • Usually, I don’t really follow the 30 minutes as shown but still it is shown as “up to”. However, I waited for around 15 minutes and I hit into the “Site Mailbox” again then I am hit with the configuration. Notice that the mailbox name is shown in the URL address – SMO-TeamSite@miltongoh.com” >> According to Microsoft site, it will create a mailbox according to the Site Collection name.


  • Once I hit “Submit Query”, another nice friendly message.


  • Tada! Site Mailbox created!


  • Trying to do a test from my main mailbox (milton@miltongoh.com), I can search for the mailbox as shown.


  • A more detail of the “Site Mailbox”


  • You can now send email from the “Site Mailbox” as long as you have the “Contributor” access rights. Accessing the “Site Mailbox” will then open a new tab which is the Outlook Web App (OWA).



Advantage of using Site Mailbox

A very concrete life example of using Site Mailbox is that within a Operation Team that provide Support Services to internal users or external clients can use Site Mailbox as a centralize mailbox within SharePoint so that all the information is being shared across team members.

In the traditional way of using Microsoft Exchange Shared Mailbox, that would require each and every user to add that mailbox into their Microsoft Outlook as one of the Shared Mailbox that somehow tie to the main account (this could be the primary mailbox).

So in order to secure all the information within the organization, the organization can now just issue “Site Mailbox” to the Support staffs so that they can use it for the day-to-day operation usage.

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Milton Goh

Enable Site Mailbox in SharePoint Online

Using SharePoint Calendar in Outlook as Team/Shared Calendar

Do you chance by a time when you always need to send out meeting invite to the folks within your team or your organization on team activities? How do you tap on your intranet SharePoint system to make life much easier for everybody?

Let’s just say, in an organization which have a 100 people, rather than keep blasting email out on meeting appointment such as “Company Kick-Off for FY 2013”, why not consider utilizing the SharePoint Calendar List (or App in SharePoint 2013)?

Let’s see how we can do it.

  • Head over to your SharePoint Intranet (in my case, I uses SharePoint 2013). Click on the “Settings” icon and click “Add an app”.


  • Search for “Calendar” as shown.


  • Enter the desire name for this Calendar list.


  • After clicking “Create”, you will see your newly created Calendar.


**NOTE** In order to synchronize SharePoint Calendar to Outlook, the default URL as shown in the image above will not work because in this setting, it has “Minimum Download Strategy” which improves rendering performance. Therefore, you may just need to modify the URL a little to enable the “Connect to Outlook” button.

  • Modify the URL accordingly, or rather remove the “/_layouts/15/start.aspx#”.


  • Now you will notice that the button “Connect to Outlook” is enable once again!


  • Click on it, you will see a popup that ask for your permission to launch the following URL in Outlook. It’s just security, go ahead if you trust your Intranet.


  • Next, your Outlook program will launch and ask if you want to connect that SharePoint Calendar to Outlook, go ahead. Look at the URL carefully before you add anything. Just be cautious of what you do.


  • Done! You now have your newly created SharePoint Calendar connected to your Outlook.


It’s that easy? Isn’t it?

Right now, anyone who have permission to the SharePoint Calendar is able to add event (List Item) and it will appear in your Outlook Calendar. Likewise, for any events added via Outlook will also appear in SharePoint Calendar.

In this way, the Administrator/Coordinator need not blast out email invites to everybody again! Just add it via SharePoint or via Outlook.


Using SharePoint Calendar in Outlook as Team/Shared Calendar