Goodbye Twenty Fifteen, Hello Twenty Sixteen.

In a wink of eyes and it is the last few minutes at the time when I am typing or publishing this blog entry before we welcome year twenty sixteen (2016)!

Indeed, in the last 365 days, there are way too many that I have learnt in life regardless of the sources. Let’s pin point to the highlights of the year!

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – PowerShell

On the 1st of April this year, I received an email from Microsoft that I am awarded my first Microsoft MVP award in the Windows PowerShell technical expertise and I am really thrill that my effort and work towards the community has been recognized by Microsoft.

Goodbye AirWatch by VMware

Today (31st December 2015) is my last day with VMware (AirWatch Division). I officially bid goodbye to VMware as I embarked into my next chapter of my life in 2016. Within the 13 months in VMware within the AirWatch division, I have learnt a lot as the Implementation Consultant covering the ASEAN region. I am also happy that I am part of the team that spearhead the whole regional implementation of the mobility solution to one of the biggest insurance company in the world!

It is certainly my lost that I no longer able to work with this whole bunch of folks but I am sure we will all be missed!

Microsoft MVP Summit

In November, I made my way to Seattle, Washington for my first ever Microsoft MVP Summit as a newbie MVP. In the 4 days spent in Microsoft campus, I get to meet up with fellow PowerShell MVPs and Product Group members. It is a whole new experience that is well deserve the 24 hours of flight from Singapore there.

One thing that I definitely missed is the time that I took to walk around the campus under the nice cold weather and different scenery that I enjoyed with my bare eyes! I really wish to be there in year 2016!

This kind of companionship and networking chance is something that one should not missed!

Well Deserved Break – West Coast of United States of America

At the end of November this year, I took a three weeks break and accompanied my family to tour the West Coast of United States of America (USA). So within these three weeks, we have tour the following states:

  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

The weather is really nice in the states and I definitely missed those days when I do not sweat at all! *Grins* Looking at my size, obviously I hate warm weather!

First Ever PowerShell Conference in Asia – Singapore

In September, a few of us (Matt, Ben and Ravi) took the leap to our first ever PowerShell Conference in Asia where we host attendees and speakers from all over the world! We could not be more than happy with the results that we have yearned and through this first ever paid conference that we have organised, we have learnt all the Dos and Don’ts!

This is great lesson and we would definitely have those changes incorporated into the next one in year 2016!

Successfully Built Partners Network

In my career in VMware (AirWatch Division), I have successfully worked with various partners from different countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) and have successfully foster strong bonds between them and our company. I am really thrilled that all my effort was recognised and been regarded as the trusted advisor to all of them.

So what’s new in Year 2016 that I am working on?

Over the last few weeks of the year, I have been trying to reflect on what I have done and what I should have done within this year. I do know that I definitely could not rewind back to the time but I would like to take this opportunity to pin down some goals that I must achieved within year 2016. Some of the goals is:

Knowledge – Becoming an avid reader

One of the most efficient way to gain knowledge is to be reading and this is one of my short-coming although I should have started being an avid reader years ago. So in year 2016, I would love to cultivate myself to read more! Other than purely reading, I would love to share what I have learnt through different avenues to people so that I could spread out those knowledge and hopefully be the one that influence others to start reading those good books that I have read!

Leadership – One step forward to become the better leader

In my over five years of career, I have worked with many leaders and managers. In the coming year, I would love to work towards the People’s Manager or People’s Leader. Someone that would gain respect from everyone in the organisation and even from Customers or Partners. I certainly know that being a leader is not just by saying but it is by the action! There are more things that I need to learn in order to be handed the authority to lead and excel!

Personality – Ditching the bad habits, cultivating the good habits

Personality is something that was either born with it or it has been cultivated over the years depending on the environment that one has gone through. In this year, I have learnt a lot about my personality and I would be more than happy and eager to have it changed!

There is one thing that I have finally learnt over the last few weeks is that, I have learnt to Forgive and Forget. What doesn’t kill you only will make you stronger!

Lastly, I would be investing a lot more time in DevOps and PowerShell so that I could continue advocating all these principles and knowledges to those people around me like what I have done this year! I believe this kind of knowledge is fruitful and I hope that one day, Windows PowerShell / Automation / DevOps is something that Asia-Pacific can adopt and have it under every IT Pro / Developer belt!

Cheers to all and Happy New Year! Let’s all work hard in year 2016!

Milton Goh

Goodbye Twenty Fifteen, Hello Twenty Sixteen.

Goodbye MCT, Welcome MCT Alumni!


As per the image attached above, it is clear that I am leaving the MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) zone when the time is up sometime end of April or May depends on when the MCT registered.

So it’s just last week when I received an email from Microsoft Learning that it’s the time of the year where MCT have to do the necessary justifications to get renewed in the MCT programme. So sometimes last year, Microsoft has already make the rules clear that all MCT who wants to be able to renew needs to go through the measurement mechanism done up by MTM. For those who don’t know what MTM stands for, it stands for Metrics that Matter. To me, the interpretation is, “Hey, let’s look at your KPI (Key-Performance Index) for the previous year before we decide to offer you with a new year of contract.

So let’s go back to the image that I have attached above. It says clearly that my MCT Exception Request has been Rejected. So it is so obvious that, that this is something out of the norm kind of arrangement. So what Microsoft Learning did was to provide a favour to every yet-to-expired MCT a chance to raise an appeal to see if we can convince them that we deserve another year of holding the honorary title “MCT”. So what they offered me was an Excel template in which I have to filled up the necessary details of the class that I have taught for year 2013 and send it back to them for the review.

My situation is kind of special, we do customize solutions on SharePoint Server and deliver to the end-user some awesome nice website that is hosted on SharePoint Server platform. The only thing that we needs to teach the users is the features of SharePoint Server and on how to use the SharePoint portal to get things done such as modifying the contents all by themselves without our intervention. It is the same concept as Content Management System (CMS). So how do all these get linked up with being a MCT?

  • I look through the courseware that is provided to MCT which is known as the Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC). From there, I will then make use of the content provided for SharePoint Server. Make use of the content and deliver my customized training to the end-users.
  • I make use of the courseware to teach the internal employees or rather the Operations Team on how they can administrate the SharePoint Server on a day-to-day basis. (SharePoint is not something that a normal person could navigate to get things done without breaking it! – IMHO)

So whatever that I have been doing for the past one year with or without the title “MCT” is not being recognized just because I couldn’t be getting my end-user to perform the survey so that they could provide me a grade so that I could be in favour of what is needed to meet the requirements as a MCT for the following year. The revised requirements in order to be awarded the chance to renew as a MCT is also shown in the image attached above.

I am not holding any grudges against Microsoft Learning for this because I know they must have done this so that to shape the program nicely and to meet a simple objective of not wanting people to abuse the programme as the new programme does gives out access to Software that MCT could use it for their training and learning purposes. They must have seen it through that people would have make use of the programme so that they would not need to fork out a huge amount of money to get the equivalent set of program that is provided by MSDN which they could get it through being a MCT.

Well, bid farewell, MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)!

Welcome to the MCT Alumni zone! So what’s MCT Alumni all about?


So it is as simple as the following benefits…

  • Continue to speak to all MCT within the community.
  • Get discount on e-Learning, Books and eBooks.
  • Most importantly, received discount on Exam voucher.

After all, it is not that bad right? Are you affected by this change? If yes, share with me by dropping me a comment or drop me an email to vent your anger.

Milton Goh

Goodbye MCT, Welcome MCT Alumni!