Let’s Play with Azure Cosmos DB

Ok, I have to admit that when I login into my Azure Portal and it seems like a long time since I meddle around with the new technologies that is being released by Microsoft.

I have heard a little about the power of Azure Cosmos DB but have not really played with it yet! I would like to take the chance to run through it and blog down my learning!

Navigate through Azure Marketplace, go to “Databases” and you will be presented with the different offering of Database options. I went ahead to select “Azure Cosmos DB” as shown.


There are multiple API data model offerings in the Azure Cosmos DB. Some of the examples are as followed:


For an introduction to the respective data model, you may navigate to the following site:

  1. DocumentDB
  2. MongoDB
  3. Gremlin
  4. Table


After the deployment process has been completed, you will be able to find that under your Resources within the Azure Portal.


As you can see, there is more than just .NET platform that is being supported as part of this Cosmos DB and for now, it is just waiting on creating the item collections before able to consume the Cosmos DB.

I am pleased with the way how the getting started is going and it is relatively easy for any Azure Administrator to spin up new Cosmos DB.

In the next posts, I am going to walk through deeper into how I am using Cosmos DB and storing data into it.



Let’s Play with Azure Cosmos DB