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What's up? - Intel Core i9-9900KF
2 min read

What's up? - Intel Core i9-9900KF

What's up? - Intel Core i9-9900KF

Recently as part of my learning and development, I decided to pick up the "skillset" and learn the way of how to build a desktop from scratch. As part of the configuration, I have gone ahead with the Intel Core i9-9900KF processor.

There are a few reasons why I have gone ahead with this processor instead:

1) I am a fan of Intel.

2) Since a desktop PC should serve me at the bare minimum of 3-5 years, I should go for the highest available specifications that are within my budget range.

3) Positive reviews are seen online.

After four (4) weeks of using this newly built desktop, I have to admit that I am impressed and happy with the performance thus far! I know that the overall performance has to be complemented with other hardware peripherals and can't be solely based on the CPU unit. Below is some statistics pulled using CPU-Z.

Check out the benchmark report here.

As per the statistics produced above, the performance benchmark that I derived through the software tool is pretty amazing!

Diving deeper into the comparison with other submitted benchmark.

In the scenario during single-thread processing, my CPU unit is a marginally not performing well comparing with Intel Core i9-9900K

However, in the scenario during multi-thread processing, my CPU unit comes in 2nd place just below the Intel Core i9-9900KS series.

There are still a few scenarios that I am going to try out in terms of putting this desktop to a magnitude of testing. Some of the situations are: such as running an AI model, bench-marking the speed of compiling a relatively large project solution using Visual Studio, or even running a full cluster of Virtual Machines (VMs). I will undoubtedly share more results in future posts.